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Welcome All!


This site is primarily about my graphic
design and management skills; however,
it is not limited to that.  Please take a look
around to get to know me better as an
Artist, Graphic Artist and human being.

Professional Goal

Because of my extensive knowledge of advertising, my ultimate
goal is to find myself in a teaching capacity or as director of an art
department where I can pass on my knowledge to others to help
them create not only great visual advertising, but highly effective
advertising. To help facilitate my goal I will be adding to my
education by acquiring a Masters in Fine Art sometime in the
near future.

Areas of Expertise

* Logo Design & Brand Development (Personality Design)
* Production Art and Prepress
* Art or Creative Department Management

Current Status

Currently working as a contract graphic artist for SmokingVapor,, and several others. Life is good. :)
Trish - A Commercial Artist, to use                         the original
term, creating art at the commercial                         level for over
30 years. Raised and educated in                          SD (from an
NDN Reservation thru University),                        with most of my
professional experience acquired                     in Houston, TX.
Did short stints in Phoenix, Eastern PA, and back to Houston,
but we are now in Dallas, TX, for the duration! I have a growing
family and business and would love it if you'd come along for
the ride! Please browse about the site and drop me a line.
by Runa
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