Ah, Summer Time! Not my favorite season I'm afraid. I
am no fan of the heat.
Probably why this installment of
the life and times of Trish the Graphic Artist is a bit on
the late side. Or it could be I'm just on res time. Who
knows? Regardless, Summer Time is here and the
hottest month of the summer is just starting.

Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you
look at it, school goes back in session in less than a
month for most, too.

Since the last time I checked in a lot has happened,
but it is not all easily shown, I'm afraid. I was offered
the job of putting together a
bi-monthly, 16 page
community magazine
, which I accepted. I have two
under my belt so far. It takes me about two weeks
from start to finish, and includes both the full color
16 page magazine and several mailable postcards.
I can't show you the publication, but I can show you
some of the ads I have done for it.

To the right we have 3/4 page Floor Gallery ad, 1/2
page Smart Choice Plumbing ad, 1/4 page
Refashioned Kids Boutique ad, and 1/8 page
Precision Dance Academy ad.

I have three more publications yet to go for this year.
They are a lot of work, but I enjoy it very much and
look forward to the challenge.

                                   My favorite client, and yours,
Sam Ferreri and Top Realty
are keeping up with the
                                   Joneses online with new web
                                   campaigns in the style of
                                   popular online memes.
                                   We've been having a lot of fun
                                   turning these out.

Sam also purchased a new domain, www.
SOLDonSAM.com, which we are using prominently in
all his new print advertising including signage.

We  recently overhauled the Top Realty website,
www.BecomeATopAgent.com with new graphics and
header. It was a no brainer to integrate the Top logo
into the url name.

                                                         I originally
' logo
                                                         and marketing
materials back in 2009. Jackie
, a realtor with Top
contacted me recently to update her  contact
information on all those marketing materials. Her logo
and brand are still going strong, and she is still very
happy with the look and results she has been getting.
I personally love Jackie's logo. Besides being playful,
it is also easy to design her advertising around it.
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As for published work, I have a couple pages of advice in “Work for Money, Design for Love” by Irish
Graphic Designer, David Airey, released last year. I helped edit and did the cover layout for “
The Physic
by E. Burden (original artwork by E. Burden), released earlier this year on Amazon.com. Just going on to
bookshelves now is “
Enlightened-ish” by Spiritualist Gail Dickert, which features a personal icon
I designed for her she calls “The Turtle Whisperer”. You can also find me online in an interview
I did for Chris Green here
Interview with Trish Schaefer. Lastly, a logo I did for a friend can be
found on a design blog here
Film Themed Designs for Inspriation by Alex Shaikevich.

And that is all the news that is news for now!